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Massai Sculptures

Have you thought of going to the ancient tribal in Africa–Massai? I’ve dreamed about it for ages, to be honest. Basically, massai is a tribe located in African, mainly in Kenya with a long history.  Massai culture entails quite a lot and my favourite part, is the sculptures. My dear sculptures-lovers, get your helmet and esentials, take the journey with me to go to the wonderland of Massai Sculptures.

Here, I want to write something unique for you the Massai sculpture lurkers as well as those who may be interested in what Massai sculptures is (OK, OK, I promise, I gonna make it short to you the newers, I am not so into long articles myself neither). Massai sculptures, as the visual impression of the Maasai tribal culture and heritage, have iconed the lifestyle and traditions of the Maasai. Well, you might find they are quite traditional and time-honoured. For example,their  dignity is apparently presented in the posture of the figurines, also,  their intelligence captured in the tilt of a chin and the expression in their eyes describes tales and stories ages ago.

If you have a moment, it may be worth of your time having a look at the linked I posted in my Links. What? You prefer some webpages with loads of, really loads images, that’s fine. I’ve heard your shout already. I mean it, you gonna find it there.

Just a little bit taste of the Massai sculptures in this post, I think it is genuis, what do you think?

 More links of websites and blogs are available in my links. Go and have a look, that is a brand new world you could indulge yourself in.


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